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Tanya Marr

Tanya Marr
Property Management


After having left the Insurance Industry to start her family, Tanya had a career change when she returned to work as a Property Manager in Surry Hills in 2002. Her successes in Tribunal reignited her interest in law, which lead her to study law part time for several years as an example to her sons during their high school careers and to improve her understanding of legislation and preparation of legal arguments.

Tanya’s experience in insurance, her legal studies and her track records of excellence in property management brings a solution based orientation to the management of properties. Tanya listens to her clients, making their concerns her priority, and is frequently able to mediate and negotiate win win resolutions of conflicts. Tanya is currently a member of 2 Strata Committees, and is well versed in Strata Law and management.

Tanya is instantly likeable, equally knowledgeable and works at reducing the stress of property management, keeping the process smooth with a high level of communication and an integral part of the Property Management Team at Mosman First National.

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