Tenant Information


We at Mosman First National understand that sometimes laws, rules and regulations can become quite confusing, particularly when people are renting properties for the first time. We have produced this information guide to provide a simple and clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities you have in the occupation of your new dwelling. Monday to Friday 8:30 am till 5:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am till 1:00 pm
Sunday Our office is closed

Paying rent

Unless other arrangements are made, rent under your Residential Tenancy Agreement will be payable in advance on the first of each month. If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, on or before the due date, please make immediate contact with our Property Manager. Rental payments are calculated so as to fall due each calendar month. The calculation is as follows:

Weekly rent divided by 7 (days in a week), then multiplied by 365 (days in a year), then divided by 12 (months in a year), giving you the calendar monthly rent. Your rental bond will be lodged with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. The bond is held as security against any damage or undue wear and tear. The bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, provided the property is left in as close as possible to the same condition as when the Residential Tenancy Agreement commenced (allowing for fair wear and tear) and there are no other monies owing.

Periodic inspections

During the course of your tenancy, the premises will be inspected periodically by Mosman First National. Our office will contact you in advance to make arrangements for a mutually convenient time. Provided that everything is in order, inspections will be on a six monthly basis.


A duplicate key to all properties is retained by Mosman First National for emergency access. Under special circumstances, and on producing identification, the keys can be borrowed, during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), but must be returned within twenty-four (24) hours. No service is available out of office hours or on public holidays. A $50 deposit is required when keys are borrowed, this deposit is refundable if keys are returned within the above mentioned twenty-four (24) hour period. It would be therefore advisable, that you also make private arrangements regarding the location of a spare key, should you inadvertently lock yourself out. Locks may only be changed, after first obtaining permission from Mosman First National or the Landlord, and then on the strict understanding that you supply us with a spare set of keys. Remember, it is in your best interests to ensure that we have access to your property.


We strongly urge you to insure your personal possessions, against any loss, damage or theft. The landlord has no obligation to insure your personal belongings.

Electricity, gas and telephone

It is each tenants’ responsibility to have the appropriate account placed in their names and then to arrange to have a meter reading, prior to vacating the premises. If there is a telephone landline connected to the leased premises at the commencement of your tenancy agreement you are required to make arrangements so as to keep the line in place regardless of whether you use the landline or not. If for any reason you have a change of telephone number i.e. change of employment or change of home number, it vitally important that you pass on your new telephone number to us. In cases of emergency, if we do not have the correct numbers it is impossible to contact you. We do not under any circumstances give your telephone number out without your authority.

Repairs and maintenance

All repair requests must be in writing. You may also request repairs "Online" by logging onto www.mosmanfn.com.au, completing the details in full and sending it to us. Only emergency repairs will be accepted verbally. All repairs are attended to within twenty-four (24) hours, however, it is often necessary to obtain the Landlord’s approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lag is sometimes unavoidable. If firm arrangements regarding access for any tradespeople are not kept by you, the service charge for calling the tradesperson will be automatically passed on to you for payment.

Termination of Tenancy Agreement

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, providing protection for both you and the Landlord. The Residential Tenancy Agreement can be terminated by you in the following ways:

- If you intend to vacate at the end of your Residential Tenancy Agreement you are required to give fourteen (14) days written notice prior to the expiry of the fixed term of your Agreement.
- Once the fixed term has expired, you are at liberty to continue living at the property or to vacate. If you intend to vacate, written notice to that effect must be received by our office at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the vacating date. If however, unforseen circumstance arise and you have to vacate prior to the expiration of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, please contact your Property Manager immediately and we will endeavour to find another suitable tenant. However, you will still be responsible for the rent until another suitable tenant is found, as well as the payment of a letting fee equivalent to two weeks rent plus GST, an agreement preparation fee of $49.50 and all advertising costs plus GST. In the event you find a suitable tenant yourself, you will be responsible for the payment of a fee equivalent to one weeks rent plus GST and an agreement preparation fee of $49.50. A suitable tenant is someone who has completed a Mosman First National application for tenancy and whose references meet with the Landlords approval.

Condition report

We endeavor to let out properties in a clean and tidy condition, and to make properties attractive to you; we request that Landlords do their utmost to present the property in its best condition. In accordance with your lease agreement, the property must be maintained and kept in a fit and proper condition. It is therefore expected, that the property will be left in the same condition as you found it. We carry out thorough condition reports at the time of leasing and again at the expiration of the lease, therefore, it is vitally important that the contents of the condition report are agreed upon before you move into the property. Over many years of property management experience, we have noticed that there have been several areas that have been neglected, so to ensure that your security deposit is refunded to you in full at the expiration of the lease, particular attention should be taken to areas such as kitchen bench tops, cupboards and sinks, bathroom and kitchen tiles to both floors and walls, if applicable, oven griller and hotplates, exhaust fans where installed above stoves and in bathrooms and carpet is to be clean.


Under the terms of your lease agreement, the gardens to both the front and rear of the property are to be maintained and kept in the same condition as found and regular maintenance and watering of the gardens is expected at all times. As part of the condition report, we do take photos at the commencement of the lease. If the gardens are not maintained to their original conditions, a claim can be made against the bond. We believe that it is best to notify you now regarding what is expected in relation to both internal cleaning of the home and the external maintenance of the gardens, to ensure that at the expiration of your lease, your bond will be returned to you in full.


Marks and stains on carpets must be removed before any serious damage occurs to the carpets themselves. If necessary, a professional carpet cleaner should be engaged. If you are not sure how to remove a particular stain, please call us for assistance as we have access to professional carpet cleaners who do an excellent job at a reasonable rate.

Picture hanging

We appreciate people like to make their new residence feel like home and their wish to hang photographs and paintings. We insist, however, that before any hooks are hammered into walls that you contact us so we can gain permission for you. Permission is not unreasonably withheld in most cases; however, it is not permitted without the written approval from the Landlord or the agent. Likewise, upon your vacating the property, the tenancy agreement states that you must return it to the same condition as you found it, therefore, it is expected that you will repair all marks to walls and any hook or screw holes. "Blue Tac" must not under any circumstances be put on walls, doors etc!


In accordance with your tenancy agreement, pets are not allowed unless you have the written consent of the Landlord or their agent. It is not our policy to hinder people who have pets from leasing properties. Landlords will consider pets, provided they have been given adequate notice and that the pets are housed outside the dwelling. If you are considering getting a pet after taking a lease agreement, please contact our office first so we can get the approval of the Landlord or otherwise.

Handing in keys when vacating

The handing in of keys signifies the legal termination of your tenancy. Please remember you are liable for additional rent in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act if:

- You do not return the keys prior to 12 noon on the day you vacate.
- You inadvertently keep the keys.
- You lock the keys inside the vacated premises.


Cars are only to be parked in the designated areas and not on front nature strips or lawn areas.